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My name is Jennifer and I am a software analyst working on Alo-labs Inc.. It is a software development firm with a great deal of ups and downs just like any other companies all over the world. Some of the days there are plenty of free time and days during some delivery, our work schedule are far too frantic. This was prior to the thanksgiving and we were trying to repair an important bug in our sales application. This was important as it impacted our revenue and because of festival season it had been important. Our CTO was sitting with us to solve this situation. It was 10.00 pm in the night, I got a call from my husband to get medication for my son who is 5 years old wasn't keeping well. Luckily our applications was solved and I left from office. My office is in San Francisco and I live in Dublin that is 50 kilometers from SFO. I took a subway that's convenient, safe and friendly. It was late but there have been many people in the BART. Dublin station was reached by me like I wished to call my husband to pick me up, but considering that my son wasn't keeping well and my husband needs to accompany him hence I didn't call him this moment. My residence is near Bart station, and there is a small Pharmacy store on the way to my home. I thought of walking into the pharmacy. However there was small issue, this drugstore did not deal with online trade and cards for under $10. As I needed to donate towards the thanks giving celebration at work hence I was out of money I needed to take a turn towards the ATM close Bart station to withdraw some money. I could sense someone after me as I walked towards the drugstore, after withdrawing the amount. I started walking and broke one sign and fortunately was lucky to escape an accident in a nick of instant got rounded from the two thugs who had been following me. They demanded me to handover them whatever cash I had. I think they saw me withdrawing cash. I idea and was scared of giving the money as I wished to reach home for my son who wasn't keeping well. But then I remembered I needed to buy medications for him. I requested them to take but they would not listen. They snatched my handbag and I resisted with my full force. My instinct fought to escape . No matter how powerful you're emotionally or physically, you wanted more cash and can't acquire two body builders that were on medication. They did not stop after snatching my purse from me. They began to molest me. In the beginning it was money I had been concerned it was my entire life I had been fighting . Soon I realized one episode of rape months women safety app ago in this same location. Were they the same people? What are they going to do? Dublin is a place and I never take anything else or pepper spray for my security. I could attain from my contact someone but sadly my telephone was with them today if at all I had a Smartphone. I was helpless; I prayed that I could get out unharmed of this situation. By the grace of almighty a police patrolling car was passing by and they saw me from remote. They turned their car towards me and those thugs, seeing the cops They ran off with my purse and telephone. Finally I had been saved. I was accompanied by police I purchased my son the medication and me dropped safely. My son and I waited for me and hugged once I reached home. After he slept, I was speaking to my husband and wondering when authorities had not arrived? My husband was grateful and was concerned of my safety in future, he felt helpless . He is a man and that day he thought of the possibilities, we predict our phone smart, but is it really smart. Can't it be accommodating because its hardware is capable off? It has camera, it has internet, it could show location and it has a mic, and my husband came with this billion dollar idea saying"Invention is mother of necessity".