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Qarea group according to a study conducted by the analytical company canalys in the sector of "smart" mobile gadgets in the european union, gl advanced windows the nearby east and africa are growing more efficiently than the cell phone sector. In one half of 2005,9.6 million mobile phones and a handheld computer were sold, compared to 3 to 6 million in a similar time interval in 2015. This attitude is observed in the world – literally 70 million full-featured phones are sold on the vast earth. According to experts, exactly two serious ongoing processes cause this development in the modern world. In principle, ordinary users exchange old phones and a pocket computer for the latest ones. However, there is a surge in the attractiveness of mobile email and the expanded capabilities of intelligent mobile gadgets for corporations and firms.Modern intelligent mobile systems are required to: always available (small / convenient), always included (optimized memory usage, minimal battery usage), expandable (new software will be added at your request), available at a cost, as well as to have various form factors. Symbian os retains its former gains in the category of the leading os in the international market for smartphones that are used for 3g networks. At the end of the fourth quarter of 2005, 22 symbian os phones were created for 3g networks in european countries and asia (38% of the supplied symbian os models). Symbian os is the undisputed market leader in europe and provides a strong market share elsewhere. Today, as at all times, the market share of symbian is 55%. 9% of global sales (according to the analytical company idc), but 82% of the devices were released by nokia (only since the spring of 2005, approximately 34 million gadgets were sold with the assistance of information exchange based on the symbian os). 19 out of 60 devices with symbian os support wcdma. By the way, the nokia 6680 smartphone is recognized as the world bestseller of 3g phones. Brew-binary runtime environment for wireless is a combination of os, hands-on portals and a marketing system. Brew started with chipsets and cdma techniques based on qualcomm-a large exchange-but brew does not need the wireless technology used by a particular phone or internet and is able to function other wireless technologies. Even better, brew is able to function with every gardening and qualcomm plans to port the hour to the gsm global cellular system). Qualcomm is trying to fix the breakdown between gsm and cdma carriers. In addition, when cdma was gaining ground, the gsm lobby supported its own personal version of cdma, which they called wcdma (broadband cdma). A similar plot knows how to make qualcomm the world's flagship in the sale of cellular communications. Only 40 commercial manufacturers of brewing devices (audiovox, kyocera, lg, motorola, nokia, samsung, benq and more).) Offer above 135 gadgets with the promotion of brewing-according to qualcomm as of january 2006. Approximately 10% of all phones shipped in different countries are correlated with brew, and the number of app downloads (may 2005) exceeds 300 million. Brew was built on the cdma platforms of major cellular networks, including verizon wireless, china unicom, telstra, and kddi. Regardless of the platform, brew requires a bit of memory (150 kb), which makes brew applications work now on budget phones.Brew provides the basic horizons for these advanced services, as far as gps, voip, bluetooth 1.1, mp3 promotion, and midi, video recording and content scrolling, multimedia data streaming, and email. The set of brew offers consists of tcp/udp socket communication capabilities, protocol support, sms-mms services, and advanced telephony capabilities. Blackberry is a proprietary system provided by rim (research motion, canada) for blackberry devices and devices compatible with blackberry (blackberry email is already available on many phones, including siemens sk65, nokia 6820/6822, motorola mpx220). Blackberry is one of the leading wireless solutions that helps users stay connected to a wireless connection to e-mail, corporate data, phone, the world wide web and organizer functionality. The true power of blackberry is the introduction of mail. Blackberry is able to seamlessly merge with the user's existing corporate or personal email account, providing a wireless boost to their regular mail.The first blackberry was developed in the beginning of 1999. The first blackberry equipped with a cell phone, and the first blackberry sold outside of north GL Advanced Windows america, was developed in 2001 in the process of using the international gsm/gprs model. Rim now occupies a very superior position on the mobile e-mail marketplace. Blackberry is highly rated in various locations, available from 95 wireless carriers in 60 countries.. In november 2004, rim announced that the number of blackberry service subscribers had reached two million, doubling in 10 months. Continuing its steady rise, rim announced an additional one million subscribers in the late spring of 2005, six months after reaching two million. In this regard, rim produces a first-class mouse with blackberry os on board the aircraft), which has become secure, stable and dominates this service sector with russian and local authorities, military and commercial corporations. Technology. Third-party application developers can transfer the digital signature to ensure the authorship of the application. The full-featured mobile phone sector is not easy to predict, despite this, many experts assure a stable and growing development of the entertainment market (which is also offered in modern times). Any manufacturer tries to provide a common os, in order to globalize and standardize the development, popularity and coordination of applications (as far as they think), in order to develop add-ons for extensive, but not for every individual device. Often people welcome this opportunity, and some are concerned about possible monopolization and subsequent abuse in this area. Which is offered for now, this is all so that any of the manufacturers can win their own pronounced characteristic area in which they are successful, and just from there, with varying success, they try to"win back" the space of mobile wireless communication. Lesha golovashov, top qa technologist, qarea group: "blackberry? Perhaps one of its main advantages is the advanced ergonomics of any ordinary device, but also its software.. The interface, at the moment, i believe, remains the defining element among the devices developed for the handheld computer. In addition, the main drawback is the lack of a memory card. The lack of the latter means that the child will not be able to use it for other tasks, it is narrowly directed. I use my symbian as an mp3 player or to enjoy movies. I will not be able to use blackberry with such intentions, at least if i want to. Blackberry is convenient simply in relation to the business domain, it seems to me that as long as symbian simultaneously has the ability to apply for a gambling platform and it is also a significantly significant share of the audience that use it accordingly. Brew, for my part, has no bright future at all. J2me is so pleasantly developed that no one notices brew. In addition, any brew application file needs to be certified, which complicates their application and distribution, " says lesha golovashov, qarea's main quality monitoring technologist. 3gsm is the latest application to the gsm family. 3gsm makes it possible to deliver mobile multimedia services, including music, tv and videos, a plentiful entertainment mp3, and internet access. Our land, hence the wireless microclimate exchange especially, is moving in favor of high speeds, multiple capabilities, and expanded business opportunities. 3g networks are the next inescapable stage of the cellular market development. It opens up a lot of potential for work, but also for leisure purposes, calls and dissemination of information, connecting to