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Hollywood is one capriciously fascinating town. Sometimes one would take it for a giant movie production set, all with a complex plot and crazy cast. It could be a great movie on its own, or it could be a poorly scripted soap, but the hot trends in Hollywood seem to have an effect on everyone. It doesn't matter whether you are part of the crew, cast or an ardent moviegoer waiting for the next release from your favorite stars.

As much as Hollywood gives us all sorts of stories, many of them based on fiction, it appears the private lives of the actors are in themselves saucy scripts of reality.

Hollywood can be a refuge for drug addicts. Now this is a bad trend. There are as many social misfits in Hollywood as there are in our neighborhoods. You have cheaters, wife-battering lowlifes, maniacs, and all sorts of characters.

Whether these trends are positive or negative to society is another question. The fact remains that many of these goings-on of the sleazy town have a bearing on the ordinary people who don't even know where the town is.

The best trend that comes out of Hollywood, and consistently for that, is the hunger for creativity. Every day there are hundreds of people who want to be like that director, or like that producer or actor. Novices come up from nowhere to pen a high-grossing script that takes Hollywood and the rest of the movie world by storm.

Reading a movie review will tell you how many people follow what is coming out of Hollywood.

Another hot trend in Hollywood is the sudden interest in re-incarnating old television series into the full-length movie episodes. This has seen the re-invention of classic television series from the 70's and 80's turned into box office wonders.

However, it is not always a success story for such ventures. Hollywood can sometimes kill great stories, and characters, to, that were told differently a few decades ago as much as it can improve on them.

Already, this trend has culminated into what is somewhat a "reversal" of this kind of approach to creativity: Hollywood Movies Hollywood now is ardent about creating television series based on very good box office releases from the past.

Visit a movie review website and you will find a couple of latest releases that have been produced and presented in this fashion.

Another hot trend that somewhat has taken Hollywood by storm is the hunger for sequels. Almost every blockbuster is now churning out a sequel, some good, and some bad. Some sequels can actually "kill" off great character for lack of poignant stories. Many sequels that have come out of Hollywood are nothing but superfluous exhibitions of a director's want to sh ow off their knack for action, leaving out the main ingredient of a story that will sell to the audience.

Consumers too are becoming more demanding. The trend of watching movies at home is picking up worldwide. This is a factor driving the home theater sales up. Home theater systems are continually evolving with one constant factor; the manufacturers are never content with what they have achieved. This augurs well for the future of high definition DVD players.

The rapid pace of technology has seen us graduate from the VHS to laser disc, and then finally to the DVD. DVDs are convenient and affordable, offering quality output. It is remarkable how these small pieces of plastic have revolutionized the home theater market. One thing to be noted here is that even with your latest high definition DVD player, you watch movies which have been encoded on standard DVDs, which leaves scope for further improvement. What we mean to say is the next logical step would be the development of high definition DVDs or HDs as they are termed.


Industry analysts already see the market being ripe for the introduction of these HD DVDs, which could become the standard for home video. Another thing that the high definition DVD players have done is to drive the high definition TV market. After all, that is where you are going to view your favorite flicks. The displays as they are known are already there. You have a plasma, rear projection, LCD, front projection, and what not. What is needed is the HD, with the content encoded in it for lighting up the eager pixels of these high definition television sets.

HD content is already available in the form of the D-VHS. But it is based on an awkward tape format, which requires expensive hardware and software. Moreover, the entire system is under-supported. What we want is an HD video disc, with all the convenience of a DVD, plus higher quality image output. Technical geeks are already working on the concept and it won't be long for us to watch the latest blockbusters on our high definition DVD players with HDs.

The Battle

In fact, many attempts have already been made to come out with the ultimate home theater HD. Microsoft is attempting it with its Romantic Movies Windows Media 9, which allows for the compression of an HD movie into a regular DVD. A small handful of movies were released in this format. Terminator 2, for instance, was the famous among them. Since the hardware requirements are expensive and not mass produced, we are still waiting for the real HD disc.