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Login allows users to log into and access their workspace according to the instructions of the administrator. It also permits other users to register and join the workspace of the user. Registered users have read-only access the folder's contents unless they choose to specify the contrary. Registered users can create subfolders within the folder hierarchy that they have access to to.

You can also register your own personal folder whenever you'd like. Alternatively, they can choose to sign-up using a specific username and password after registration has been enabled. The user will be added to the list of registered users, and all the files that belong to you will be synced. You are able to choose from login options to select features for your workspace.

Begin by registering your workspace using the Administration panel. Then you can get your login information to the system. Once you have registered login details the login page you see when you login will appear. The page allows you to activate a user for the first time, or sign out of the account.

The page for login will show a message that informs the user that they've chosen a new username and have added themselves to our database. When logging in, a confirmation message is displayed to confirm that the user changed their password. There is also an option to reset password that can be used to modify the password that is already in place. After you have successfully registered and signed in, you will be redirected to your profile page. The user who has registered is required to enter the username and password.

The next step is to click "Sign in" and the page will display a form containing an area in which the user who is registered will be able to enter their username as well as a new password. The registration page will include a section that allows you to choose which preferred language that you want to use. Click on the button to change the language setting.

There is no requirement for you to download any plugin or configure any aspect of your website in order to use this feature. That means that you won't require any knowledge of PHP or the way WordPress plugins work. Follow the instructions provided on the login page. Once you've successfully completed the registration process, you can sign in using a different username and also change your password. You can also change the name of your user displayed on your screen or change your password anytime you'd like.