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The films that are being released every year indicates the changing trends in the movie industry, especially as these trends are related to what a movie review tells us.

Popular trends include sequels, movies that continue the story for ever. Films released recently do not generally make for good sequels. Sequels are even made of films that were released long ago. Website content writing for such movies becomes a lot more difficult as you have to go through a lot of history and details before you can actually start content writing for a movie.

There is an accepted trend in making movies out of popular cartoons, comics, history and literary works. Major film industries aren't letting go of the chance to cash in on the popularity of best selling graphic novels and turning them into successful films. In website content writing, movie critics will also have to flow with Spiderman the trend. They will also have to go through the book or the novel before they see the movie. This will give them a better idea about how the movie was made in context of the book or the novel. Content writing for such movies is really a taxing affair.

Comics as well as graphic novels are a favorite amongst directors and producers every year. Comic-based movies are trending worldwide. Movie makers are also bringing back to life popular cartoon characters and cashing in on their ever-lasting popularity.

With the television industry adding new features almost every year like internet movie streaming, the manufacturers of televisions are facing a downward trend. Research has stated a decline in the worldwide sale of LCD TVs in the coming months. This will be the first ever decline that they have to face since the launch of LCD TV in 2000.

Many popular TVs can now be connected to the Internet, a drift which started almost a year ago with restricted functions, such as news and weather. Now, advanced systems and new partnerships will provide online streaming movies through the TV.

Features for top tier TV models also include advanced representation of fast-moving scenes and a low usage of power. Sony, LG, Toshiba Corp. and Ending Explained Samsung Electronics Co. will introduce TVs that can display Flickr photos, YouTube videos and Avatar many more with just a broadband connection.

TV manufacturers have already upgraded the TVs to 240 frames per second without setting up more new frames. The first eco-friendly line of LCD TVs is the 00 Eco Bravia models that consume almost 40 percent less power, exceeding the usual requirements.

Last, most analysts agree 3-D viewing is the next big wave coming to the consumer electronics industry. Watching films on the Internet is becoming popular, and will only enhance the reviewer's ability to do a fast movie review.

All these changes in the industry will subsequently change the method and quality of article writing for movies. Article writing for movies will become more crisp and clear as the critics will be able to view better picture and sound quality. Even the slightest mistake will shine on the screen giving the critics a chance to include them in their article writing.

In the past few years, Bollywood has made a paradigm shift from churning out commercial potboilers to making serious films that are characterized by bold experimentations in techniques, themes and subject matter. This trend is also evident from a number of latest and upcoming Bollywood movies.

The distinction between commercial and parallel cinema has become blurred. Today's Hindi films border more on realism, and are characterised by excellent editing, cinematography and direction. A host of talented directors are now proving their credibility and influencing audience preferences by their revolutionary films.

Most of the recently released and upcoming Bollywood movies like Aamir, A Wednesday and Black & White deal with stories of middle-class people and the rise of the common man. The common man's fight against global terrorism and social injustice has found favour with the new directors.

Another noticeable trend is the introduction of the latest technology and special effects (Drona, Krrish, Love Story-2050 etc) in all their grandeur. Animation films are also becoming quite popular, and even big production houses like Yash Raj Films are venturing into this genre.

Yet another trend that has set the cash registers ringing for Movie Reviews producers is the remake of old classics. Some of the recent remakes to hit the screens are RGV ki Aag (a remake of Sholay) and Don (remake of Amitabh's blockbuster of the 70s).

The trend of making films that cater to the urban audience is also fast catching up. Films like Life in a Metro, Page3, Company and Fashion that target a niche audience - the urban-metropolitan segment of viewers - are also turning out to be good money spinners.

Another upcoming trend perceptible in Bollywood is that of multiple films being produced every year by select production houses. In fact there is an emerging trend towards co-productions as well.

Last but not the least, the overseas uptake of latest Hindi movies has gone up and number of overseas prints has increased for big-budget Hindi films. A large segment of the Indian population settled abroad is hooked on to Bollywood, and it is believed that the upcoming Bollywood movies may even give Hollywood producers a run for their money.